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This class is for anyone with no or very little previous knowledge of French. We teach you the basics of the language.


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This class is for anyone who has some, but still limited previous knowledge of French. In this class, we start to learn how to use some of the different tenses, to put more complex sentences together and to have more in depth conversations on a variety of topics from French music to food and wine. 


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This class is for anyone who has an intermediate grasp of the fundamentals of the language, but now wants to take things to the next level. In this class, we will develop your confidence so that you are able to use the language in a wider variety of contexts such as giving opinions and expressing hopes and doubts. 

Dab hand

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This highly interactive class (held entirely in French) is aimed at anyone who has an advanced grasp of the language, but who still wishes to continue to improve their knowledge. We will work with a wide variety of conversation topics as well as resources including many authentic materials and texts.

10:00 - 11:15 Waystage
18:00 - 19:15 Breakthrough – Online class
19:30 - 20:45 Breakthrough
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09:30 - 10:45 Breakthrough
18.30 - 19.45Novice 
20.00 - 21.15Waystage / Dab Hand

New Term Starts: Week commencing 19 September 2022 (No class at Half Term – week commencing 24 October 2022)

Term  Ends: Week commencing 28 November 2022 . 10 classes in total.

Cost: £150 per person in full  in advance. 

Early bird offer: £140 per person if booked and paid for by 1 September 2022.

Location: Classes are held in West Bergholt – exact location will be confirmed upon booking).  Watch this space for  more classes in starting in January 2023.

Why learn French with us?

I have a lifelong passion for French and love to share this with others. My aim is for you to have the confidence to go to the French speaking world, to be able to completely immerse yourself in the culture and to use the language. With that in mind, my French classes are designed to put you at ease, are very informal, interactive and conversation based.

At the same time, I firmly believe that there is not some magic “catch-all” way of learning French and for this reason, I use a wide variety of materials and methods tailor made for my groups. This includes, among other things, course books, reading books, podcasts, French music, videos, press articles and oh yes grammar books but above all conversation.

All classes are 75 minutes long but sometimes we may run over, if we are having too much fun or I get carried away. There is also flexibility to switch between classes to fit in around your other commitments or to try out different levels to make sure you are in the best class for you. Just have a chat with me beforehand, if you want to do this.

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